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Learning about the Schedule and Budgeting Process for Your Movie means You Will Become an Informed Producer. Making Your Movie the Way You Want to Make It. And then again and again with New Skills To get You To where YOU want to be.
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Learn A Skill! Scheduling and Budgeting Knowledge means that you control Your Film and Your Career!

  • Script - What to Look For. How to Read a Script as a Line Producer. Develop Strategic Thinking

  • Schedule - How a Schedule is Built. What are Major Considerations. Working up a solid Schedule.

  • Budget - Unions. Budget Structures. Incentives. Contractual Charges. International Filming.

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Master the Math, Make Your Movie!

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    FREE AFM Seminar Scheduling and Budget-Michael Mandaville

    • Introduction and First Download!

    • AFM Seminar Part 1

    • AFM Seminar Part 2

    • AFM Seminar Part 3

    • Project Questionnaire

    • Project Questionnaire Explained

    • Article: "Netflix Big Power Clash"

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    Introduction to Michael Mandaville's Line Producer Course (v2)

    • Intro to Film Scheduling and Budgeting (Video)

    • What Will You Learn In Michael's Course? (Video)

    • About Your Teacher Michael Mandaville (Video)